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PaleoNet is staffed by Internet technology experts and a former archaeology graduate student.   The founder of PaleoNet, Jason M. Hare,  has roots in the Columbia Plateau archaeology community and has worked for many years in providing solutions to some of the biggest names in the Internet services Industry.

Our core skill sets include

Web design
Web hosting and marketing using Microsoft products
International Marketing
Operations Management
Internet Access Technology
Premises security
Technical training
Online educational technology

Web Applications Methodology

The steps for building a web are divided into distinct phases.  The methodology described below is used by many successful firms.

The Definition Phase

In the beginning we meet with the client and determine what the goals for the website are.  We define the spheres of responsibility and what kind of technology will be employed.

The Concept Phase

Different interfaces and layouts are tried and presented to the client. Interfaces and models maybe sketched out or created as a series of web pages.

Models may take various forms from a prototype to a series of sketches to digital story boarding.  The concept that demonstrates the most merit is explored and refined during this phase. Each component required to turn the concept into a viable business solution is considered, created, and prepared for final integration.

Execution Phase

These components can range from creation of detailed positioning platforms to visual design templates to programming interfaces.

In this last phase, the chosen solution is implemented, carefully integrating each strategy, design, and technology component to achieve a compelling, user-centered solution.

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